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A hair growth-boosting peptide.

Copper peptide (Copper Tripeptide-1) extends the growth phase and thus the life of the hair.
Copper peptide keeps the hair in the growth phase longer, allowing the hair to grow before entering the transition phase where the hair growth stops. Compared to top-class skin care products such as vitamin C, glycol or retinol, copper tripeptide feels like a new and exciting discovery but has actually been around since 1973.
What is a copper peptide, Copper Tripeptide-1, or GHK-Cu? GHK is a three-amino acid peptide of glycine-histidine-lysine that can be found naturally in bodily fluids such as plasma, saliva and urine. Cu stands for copper, an essential trace element in the human body and all living beings. It was discovered that GHK and Cu love each other and form a complex called copper tripeptide when combined.
Dr Pickart, who discovered GHK-Cu, learned in his first 15 years of research that GHK-Cu contributes to the healing of wounds and has anti-inflammatory properties.

The copper peptide has a particular characteristic that can stimulate the degradation of unhealthy excess collagen in the scar tissue and help stimulate normal collagen production. Less of the bad collagen, and more of the good, gives you smoother and more beautiful skin. In addition, copper peptide also supports the synthesis of elastin in the skin, has an antioxidant effect and improves skin elasticity.
When examining the healing of wounds, Dr Pickart noticed the enlargement of the hair follicles in the skin at the edge of the wound, after the treatment. This led to his discovery that the skin-remodelling copper peptides (SRCP) could also stimulate hair growth. By stimulating the enlargement of the hair follicle cells, they produce longer and thicker hair. Copper peptides also keep the hair follicles in the active growth phase longer and get them out of the passive dormant phase quicker. Copper peptides increase the size of the hair follicles, but do not transform the hair follicles producing the small, almost invisible hairs on the body (which make up 98% of the body hair) into terminal hair follicles (2% of the body hair) producing thick and long hair. There is, therefore, no need to fear the intensive growth of body hair when using a shampoo containing copper peptide.

Used in the following products

Longer Hair Shampoo Longer Hair Treatment

Peptilash® Extend L or Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1

A hair growth-boosting peptide.

The hair growth boosting peptide Peptilash® Extend L, or Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, is a three-amino acid peptide contained in collagen and enriched with biotin. It is used to strengthen the hair and provide the hair and scalp with nutrients. The peptide improves the size of the hair follicles and the retention of the hair by stimulating the synthesis of lamin and collagen in the hair follicle. This peptide helps reduce hair loss and makes the hair longer, stronger and more luscious. It is also used in growth-boosting eyelash serums, hence the name Peptilash.

Piroctone Olamine

An anti-dandruff active ingredient with antibacterial properties

Our skin is a defence system that protects itself from the external effects it comes into contact with. The scalp protects itself from micro-organisms and fungal infections. Sometimes, this defence system weakens, and a certain fungal infection called Pityrosporum Ovale starts spreading. This fungal infection causes significant cell proliferation. The skin is no longer capable of protecting itself, becomes very flaky and starts building up on the scalp. The excess cell layer mixes with the sebum on the scalp and causes dandruff to form. The scalp starts to itch and makes you feel uncomfortable.
Piroctone olamine has anti-dandruff properties, soothing the inflammatory scalp and reducing flakiness. It has a specific action against the dandruff-causing Pityrosporum Ovala. An anti-dandruff product containing piroctone olamine destroys the fungal infection causing dandruff, prevents the formation of new dandruff, keeps the scalp clean and itch-free and eliminates any discomfort related to dandruff. In addition, piroctone olamine is non-toxic and safe and helps eliminate bodily odours. It also helps alleviate seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Alternatively, zinc pyrithione* has been used as an anti-dandruff agent in hair care. After six weeks of using a shampoo containing piroctone olamine, the reduction of dandruff was reported in 82% of the cases, compared to 69% in the case of customers who used a shampoo containing zinc pyrithione.
* In March 2022, zinc pyrithione was banned from being used as an ingredient in cosmetic products sold in the European Union.


Cooling, antimicrobial active ingredient

Menthol is a compound found in essential oils such as spearmint (Mentha arvensis) and other related mint species. Menthol is partly responsible for the cool taste and smell of mints in the Mentha family.
Mint, especially spearmint is used in hair care products due to its positive effects on our scalp.
Cooling effect: Mint has a cooling effect when applied to the scalp, which also helps relieve itching and irritation. Therefore, products with mint are suitable for dry and itchy scalp.
Blood circulation stimulating effect: the menthol contained in mint stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. Better blood circulation promotes hair growth and overall scalp health. Peppermint helps dilate blood vessels, which improves blood flow to the hair follicles and supports strong hair growth.
Anti-dandruff: Mint has antimicrobial properties that help fight dandruff and other diseases caused by fungi or bacteria. Products with mint help maintain a healthier scalp environment.
Anti-inflammatory: Menthol is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation of the scalp can sometimes contribute to hair loss or prevent hair growth. Menthol can support healthier hair growth by reducing inflammation.
A natural cleanser: peppermint helps to remove excess oil, which accumulates on the scalp and causes problems in keeping the hair clean, and in the long run can cause problems related to hair loss. Thus, mint helps to maintain a balanced and clean scalp.


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