The haircare line developed and created by Salon + in collaboration with researchers from the University of Tartu in Estonia is scientifically based and efficient and mainly focused on the challenges related to hair. All the S+ Haircare products contain important active ingredients that help protect the hair and scalp from environmental effects and restore the hair after potential damage. The products have been formulated using only skin and hair-friendly certified raw materials. The hair growth-stimulating peptides in the products help the hair stay viable, stronger, and healthier for longer as they stimulate the activity of hair follicles. Rich plant extracts help protect the hair and scalp from harmful environmental conditions and repair the damage caused by mechanical or chemical treatment. Viable hair follicles and strong and healthy hair in its entire length – this is where science meets nature!


This began in 2018 at the initiative of researchers, who, in their cancer treatment studies, discovered a peptide that attaches itself to a hair. Salon+ decided to invest in research to bring a peptide to the market that changes the hair structure and colour, styles the hair and protects it from environmental or chemical damage without using aggressive chemicals. It is possible to attach the desired active ingredients, such as dye or UV protection, to the hair surface instead of flushing them down the sink, so this is a giant ecological and sustainable leap forward in the world of hair care. In addition, these products are safer for the health of both the customer and the hairdresser.


The S+ Haircare hair and body care line was born out of the desire to create a high-quality, efficient, and unique product line for the customers of the Salon+ chain. As a whole, hair care lines focus on protecting and restoring the outer layers of the hair, while the S+ Haircare line helps create a good environment for the hair follicles so that the growing hair is stronger and more resistant to external factors. This is possible thanks to the peptides contained in the products, which nourish the hair follicle at the cellular level and help the hair stay in the growth phase longer. The creation, testing and development of the recipes for the product line began in 2020, and the first stage involved creating basic hair care products for men, women, and children. The active ingredients in the products are the hair growth-boosting peptide, biotin, the antibacterial piroctone olamine that protects the scalp from pathogenic micro-organisms, and the components preventing hair loss.
In addition to the essential active ingredients, the products also contain various natural extracts chosen according to the principle that anything good for our body is good for our hair as well. Baikal skullcap, soybean and wheat germs, hops, amaranth seeds, Indian gooseberry, Peruvian carob, or tara, and common carob seeds, the algae of 5 different marine plants – all are rich sources of nutrients. The scientifically proven studies carried out by a plant complex manufacturer (Provital) show that these plant extracts are a great ingredient to be used in hair care products. The S+ Haircare line has a signature fragrance - a mixture with slightly woody undertones, combining Hawaiian Mamaki tea, rosemary, juniper berry and reindeer lichen. The S+ Haircare products are free of SLS, SLES, parabens and silicones.


All recipes for the products of the S+ Haircare line have been developed, tested, and manufactured in Estonia. In doing so, the aim has been to utilise the recommendations given by the European recognised manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and beauty care raw materials for the development of hair and skin-friendly products. The products are science-based as the efficiency of the active ingredients used in the products has been scientifically proven and the ingredients are also used in pharmaceuticals. The products are mixed and packaged in Estonia, allowing for small product batches that can be developed and improved quickly, which is a great advantage.


The prior, well-established collaboration with the design agency Refleks meant that the agency was the natural choice for the development of the design of the S+ Haircare product line. The designers at Refleks describe the project as follows: “ The designers and developers of the new Salon+ haircare line can confidently say that they know what they are doing.” So, Refleks created a product design for this self-confident attitude, expressing style and timelessness.

The design of the packaging for the S+ Haircare product line was based on three important aspects:
1. experience
2. research and nature
3. style

The resulting design of the S+ Haircare line is aesthetic, distinctive and well-suited for the products.
The minimalist, scientific-looking bottle implies the reliability and purity of the product inside. The label on the packaging is calm and the colour splashes on the products will be remembered by the consumers and will help them navigate between the products. The fragrance is rich, simple and familiar and ties in well with the packaging design.



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