Your favourite haircare products from 2023 are here!

Which products got the most attention in 2023? Check out whether your favourite products are in the TOP best-selling products’ list!

As we expected, the most popular product turned out to be S+ Haircare Hydrating Leave-in Hydrating Conditioner. It has a light consistensy, but is full of the power of plants.And did we mention, it also provides heat and colour protection, making it the must-have product for every hair-obsessed woman. It’s also the new favourite product of an actress Kaisa Selde ja tv presenter Liis Lusmägi.

S+ Haircare Leave-in conditioner TOP 2023
Top product of 2023: S+ Haircare Leave-In Hydrating Conditioner

Many clients love those S+ Haircare products, that provide solutions for hair or scalp issues. All S+ Haircare products contain peptides, that promote hair growth, but the best one for fighting hair loss is S+ Haircare Anti Hairloss shampoo ja treatment for scalp. Both of them contain Baicapil, which is known in the eastern countries as a medical plant against hair thinning. 

Bestseller: Anti Hairloss Shampoo
Hit product of the year, S+ Haircare Anti Hairloss Shampoo

A product that got a ton of attention is also S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff shampoo and treatment. These products soothe scalp irritations, remove dandruff and are also an amazing solution for those who suffer from psoriasis. In addition, they also give hair vitality and strenght thanks to the hops and ja indian gooseberry extracts. For example, one client reviewed the Anti Dandruff shampoo like this:
“Having been a consumer of only drugstore shampoos for many years and being disappointed again and again and having to return to N…, S+ Haircare anti-dandruff shampoo is the first products that made the situation better, not worse. Quite a thick formula, you don’t need to use much at once, the smell is pleasant, as a surprising side effect for me, my hair is really shiny and the slight previous hair loss has stopped. “

Clients' favourite: S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff shampoo
Anti Dandruff series help to soothe scalp irritations, psoriasis and remove dandruff


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