What actress Kaisa Selde thought about our products

The actress Kaisa Selde is well known to many both from the theatre stage and TV screen. In addition to many amazing roles, Kaisa’s goregeous long hair has become a staple of her. After getting to know S+ Haircare products and trying them out for the first time, we couldn’t wait to hear what Kaisa actually thinks about our products.

What do you look for, when choosing haircare products?

I’m a very convenient person, so I look for products that give instant results. After starting to use S+ Haircare series, I can clearly that my hair sheds a lot less. Before that, it was very common for me that a kitten-sized pile of hair was stuck on my hairbrush after combing it. I’t’s no wonder’m not surprised either, because my job entails that many and very different things are being put on my hair on a daily basis- one day it’s straightened, the next day it’s curled, and on the third day it’s braided around my head and secured with bobby pins. So shedding a lot of hair used to be quite normal for me. But now, only a few hairs remain on the brush. It feels really nice!

Did any of the S+ Haircare products become your new favorite?

The conditioner has an unusually silky texture and leaves the hair immediately silky and smooth and easy to process later. Spray conditioner is a total new favourite. I use it daily. My hair remains smooth, doesn’t catch electricity, and has a devious shine. Thanks to this conditioner, I even got a compliment: “Kaisa, what are you eating that makes your hair so shiny?”

What else do you think is different about S+ Haircare products?

The scent of the products is very pleasant. It is not obtrusive but fresh and leaves the hair smelling clean for a long time. The scent of my hair is very important to me, because I can smell it myself all the time, and when I hug, my loved ones feel it as well.
It’s very clever that the packaging is colour coded, so you don’t have to check every time which one is the shampoo and which one the conditioner. It has become normal to check food packaging to avoid ingesting excessive chemicals, but have you thought about it and checked what your beauty products contain, what you put on yourself and what are the chemicals you flush down the drain?

Kaisa Selde talking to Reet Härmat about S+ Haircare products in the Buduaar TV show.

The S+ Haircare team thanks Kaisa for such a kind feedback and wishes her great roles and beautiful hair in the future!


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