How to grow hair longer and stronger?

Who wouldn’t want their hair to grow longer and stronger? Often times, there seems to be a limit to hair growth and it looks like that the hair is no longer growing longer, but rather breaking off from the ends. With age, especially when hair has been chemically treated, it starts to lose its elasticity and shine, while also becoming thinner. Many hair care products focus on restoring and promoting hair length, but S+ Haircare has taken an innovative step to nourish the hair follicle to keep it in the growth phase for longer. S+ Haircare Longer Hair shampoo and serum have been specifically created to make your hair able to grow longer. That is all thanks to copper peptide and nutrient-rich plant extracts.

S+ Haircare Longer Hair
Longer Hair Treatment serum for scalp contains active ingredients similar to the shampoo, which enhance the effect of both products.

A unique copper peptide in hair care

Copper is one of the key elements necessary for melanin production. It is the compound responsible for hair color, as well as the color of our eyes and skin. Copper peptides help to increase blood circulation in skin and thereby stimulate hair follicle cell renewal. That way, they receive enough oxygen and nutrients to grow even longer and stronger hair. Copper peptides keep hair follicles in the active growth phase for longer and in the dormant phase for shorter time. The abundance of nutrients in copper peptide, the hair is able to grow longer and stronger. Copper peptides increase hair follicle size without transforming fine, nearly invisible body hair follicles into thick, long-producing ones. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about also growing more body hair when using a shampoo with copper peptide.

Herbal extracts that restore hair

The Amino Acid Power of Carob Extract

A complex of peptides and amino acids from carob seeds repair weakened and damaged hair. Keratrix™ is a paraben-free complex of peptides and amino acids that restores weakened and damaged hair fibers with natural active ingredients in the inner layer of hair. It strengthens and protects it against new breakage, resulting in less split ends. That way, the hair is more durable, stronger, has more elasticity and is protected from mechanical, chemical and heat damage. 

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Soy complex proteins

The soy complex strengthens, smoothes and gives your hair shine. It helps to bind moisture in the hair and therefore helps to protect it from fading and getting damaged in summertime. Thanks to its protein-rich composition, the soy complex protects the hair from damage from external environment, makes it soft and shiny and restores hair structure from the inside.

The release of active substances in the Keratrix and Soy complex occurs gradually thanks to the exclusive Matrix technology, which forms a protective layer of active substances and moisturizing particles for the hair. This helps the product to stay on the hair, the active substances last longer on the hair, they remain in the hair after rinsing, but excessive accumulation on the hair or scalp is avoided when washing with shampoo.

Soy extract S+ Haircare

Moisturizing seaweed

Polyplant Marine, the complex of five seaweed extracts has super moisturizing, softening and hair reviving properties. Algae have the potential of nutrients in a natural balance, making them easily absorbable and make them restore the lack of nutrients in various organs and tissues. Thanks to their ion-based elements, the inclusion of algae in the cosmetics industry helps to restore the natural balance of skin. Algae absorb mineral salts in the sea, calcium, phosphorus, iodine and vitamins. These elements help restore the vitality of the skin and hair in a natural way, making them improve their appearance.

Amaranth, which restores the hair’s lipid layer

Ama-oil is a nutrient-rich extract derived from amaranth or foxglove seeds. It is abundant in unsaturated fatty acids, ideal for replenishing the hair’s lipid layer. With a high content of squalene, a natural component of hair lipids, Ama oil enhances biocompatibility and effectiveness. Furthermore, foxglove seeds provide essential elements such as leucine for protein synthesis, arginine, lysine, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, and vitamins E and B. The extract from foxglove seeds aids in restoring and protecting hair by forming a defensive barrier against excess moisture, facilitating hairstyle maintenance, and preventing frizz.

If you have problems with how your hair looks, it usually means that your hair growth cycle has shortened. This can be caused by problems with the life cycle of hair follicles, hormones, and more. Copper peptides prolong the hair growth cycle, which means it takes longer for hair to fall out. In addition to promoting new hair growth, copper peptides also help add volume to hair.

In addition to rich plant extracts, other S+ Haircare products also contain peptide that promotes hair growth Peptilash, which also increases the life of the hair follicle and helps grow strong and healthy hair. You can find more information about plant extracts and peptides on the Ingredients page.


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