Trick baller Richie Kaljulaid on S+ Haircare products

The popular trick baller Riche Kaljulaid 🏐 shares his thoughts after using S+ Haircare products. Since Richie performs a lot and is justifiably proud of his hair, he also uses a lot of finishing products. Has he changed anything in his haircare routine after using our products? Read on!

Quality over everything!

I discovered S+ Haircare products thanks to a gift from salon+ salon. Since in my everyday life I use quite a lot of hair spray, it’s also important to treat my hair with quality shampoo and conditioner. Hair spray makes hair super dry and causes hair loss. In general, I am the kind of person who often evaluates products by their packaging, so when I saw the products, I immediately noticed how much work has been done with the design of the packaging. The packaging of the products in the set + the bottles of shampoos and other products looked very exclusive.

Freshness, freshness, freshness!

Before I started using the products, I also read what ingredients are in them and apparently I have never used such natural and high-quality products before. When I tried the products of the Gentle Mint series, it was a very interesting experience to wash my head with such a fresh mint shampoo, which immediately made my head tingle with freshness and gave me a very pleasant fresh feeling. Gentle Gentleman shampoo and Bodywash also gave such a nice fresh feeling. And then this Leave-In spray, which is also great! I really like putting it in my hair after washing. The smell of it was really-really good, like putting perfume in your hair. With this feeling, I can already confidently go on stage to perform!

I have been using S+ products for about 2 weeks and I am very satisfied. The older I get, the more I have started to appreciate the quality of different products and I can honestly say that I don’t want to buy these cheaper shampoos for myself anymore. I will keep using S+ products for sure 🤘!


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