S+ Haircare products received the title of Buduaari Ilulemmik 2023

S+ Haircare Longer Hair Shampoo and Treatment and Anti Hairloss Treatment were recognized as the best products in the Estonian cosmetics category at the Buduaari Ilulemmik 2023 competition!

A jury consisting of professionals in their field and well-known media figures selected the beauty and health products that received the most winning points from among those who participated in the competition. We are very pleased with the recognition received by three S+ Haircare hair care products..
The titles of the best hair care product Ilulemmik 2023 were awarded to the Longer Hair Shampoo + Treatment series and the Treatment serum for the scalp, which stimulates hair growth, and Anti Hairloss series.

Such recognition gives confidence that we have chosen the right direction when developing S+ Haircare products. There is a growing trend in the beauty world, where when restoring hair, great emphasis is also placed on taking care of the health of the hair follicle. S+ Haircare shampoos, conditioners and serums for the scalp contain, in addition to rich plant extracts, peptides that promote hair growth, which nourish the hair follicle at the cellular level and help grow healthy and strong hair.

The purity of S+ Haircare products -is also not insignificant – the products do not contain harsh chemicals, they do not contain SLS and SLES sulfates, parabens, silicones. Instead, all S+ Haircare products are rich in plant extracts, which can also be called superfoods. These plants have been selected on the basis that everything good for our body is also good for our hair.

The products of the Longer Hair seriescontain amaranth seeds, soy and wheat germs, Peruvian locust bean seeds, carob seeds, extracts of 5 different edible seaweeds and, of course, a peptide that promotes hair growth.

Anti Hairloss series products tooted contain Baikal tea grass, soy and wheat germs, peptides that promote hair growth.

Beauty favorite 2023 labeling

Ilulemmik 2023 products are labeled accordingly to make them easier to spot

Among the S+ Haircare products, there are 3 series, where the shampoo also includes a serum for the scalp:
* Hair life extending series Longer Hair
* Anti Hairloss series that prevents hair loss and stimulates hair growth
* Anti Dandruff series relieving scalp problems and anti-dandruff
In these series, we recommend using the serum together with the shampoo to maximize the effect of the active ingredients in the product. The shampoo and serum contain similar active ingredients, plant extracts and peptides. Since the serum remains on the scalp, the hair follicles receive more of the necessary nutrients, the scalp remains healthy, the hair is well-maintained and strong.

The development of the S+ Haircare series will continue under the sign of the synergy of nature and science.


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