How to get rid of dandruff?

Dandruff is a common condition that causes dead skin cells on the scalp to flake. Approximately half of the people in the world experience it, which in the long run, can become chronic. As a whole, dandruff is a harmless condition, but you should keep in mind that hair follicles with dandruff can weaken your hair, which may result in a slight hair loss.

What causes dandruff?

One of the most common causes of dandruff is the proliferation of the yeast fungus Pityrosporum Ovale. The presence of the yeast fungus on an adult’s skin is common, but if the immune system weakens or the hormonal balance in the body is disrupted (for example, due to puberty or in women after childbirth), the fungus may start reproducing faster. The balance in the body is also disrupted when you experience stress for a long time, have been treated with antibiotics, or eat too much junk food.

Hair care is one of the important factors that affects the health of your scalp. Hair care products that contain harsh chemicals make the scalp dry and, especially if you blow-dry or use heat tools often. Hair care products containing certain oils may also make flaking worse, as they contain lipids that feed the yeast fungus causing dandruff and making the fungus proliferate.

Time to get rid of it!

If the scalp is out of balance, the first thing to try is to change the hair care products used. If you suffer from dandruff, you should choose a shampoo that is neutral or has a slightly acidic pH value. Here is where the S+ Haircare line comes in, with its products targeted at getting rid of it. The Anti Dandruff shampoo in the S+ Haircare line contains the active ingredient piroctone olamine, which is antibacterial and protects the scalp from pathogenic micro-organisms. The product, with a pH of 5.11, restores the natural moisture level of the scalp and relieves itching.

To get rid of dandruff and get the best results for the balance of the scalp, the shampoo can be complemented with the S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff Treatment, serum, applied to the scalp after washing the hair and not rinsed out so that the plant extracts can work on the scalp. The product line is very gentle yet contains efficient active ingredients. The Anti Dandruff line contains hops and Indian gooseberry, or amla, extracts. Hops have strong antioxidant, antiseptic and gentle, deep-cleansing properties, and help combat hair loss. Hops extract is a great choice to treat and balance an oily or itchy scalp. It has hair growth-stimulating and anti-seborrheic properties and is used in the production of soothing cosmetic products. Hops extract has powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, contains lots of flavonoids and promotes hair growth.
Indian gooseberry, or amla, extract prevents the hair follicles from shrinking and helps combat the ageing of the scalp before any signs of ageing appear.

S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff Shampoo & Treatment
Get rid of dandruff with S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff line!


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