How often should you wash your hair?

There’s a lot of information, when it comes to washing your hair. Some say you should wash it daily, some say that the frequency of washing it doesn’t matter at all. At S+ Haircare, we decided to finally reveal the secret, what the perfect hair washing schedule looks like.

In reality, there is no single rule for washing hair – what works for one person may not work for others. The most important thing is to know your hair type, use the shampoo-conditioner suitable for your scalp and see how your scalp and hair react.

Know your scalp type

To figure out how often to wash your hair, the first step is to determine your scalp type. Different hair types also have different needs, so there is no ideal frequency to wash your hair. If your hair is oily, you may need to wash it more often to prevent the scalp from producing excess oil. However, people with dry or curly hair may benefit from a less frequent washing schedule to preserve essential oils.

Types of scapls:

Oily scalp

Wash every other or after every two days

Why: Frequent washing helps control excess oil and keeps the scalp and hair fresh.
Wash your hair with with: S+ Haircare Gentle Mint Šhampoo and conditioner gently deep clean, balance the scalp and removes sebum. Plus, they have a nice menthol scent to cool your scalp.
How to recognize? With an oily hair type, your scalp produces a lot of sebum, which causes your hair to look greasy. For oily hair types, hair may feel limp and greasy, and may require more frequent washing to maintain freshness..

S+ Haircare Gentle mint šampoon ja palsam rasusele peanahale

Dry Scalp

Wash 2-3x a week
Why? Washing less often prevents further drying by allowing natural oils to nourish the scalp.
Wash your hair with: S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff shampoorestores the skin’s natural moisture level, soothes the scalp and prevents the weakening of the hair follicle. This shampoo has even helped several customers with psoriasis.
How to recognize? If you have a dry scalp, your hair may feel dry and brittle and require less frequent washing to prevent further drying.

S+ Haircare Anti Dandruff kõõmavastane šampoon

Sensitive scalp

Wash 1-2x a week
Why? Gentle care and less frequent washing help prevent irritation.
Wash your hair with: S+ Haircare Child Proof šampoon is gentle and leaves the hair and scalp squeaky clean, while the seaweed complex moisturizes the hair
How to recognize? A sensitive scalp is prone to irritation, redness and discomfort.

S+ Haircare Child Proof šampoon tundlikule peanahale

Regular scalp

Wash 2-3x a week
Why? Regular washing maintains its healthy balance, without excessively exfoliating or excessively moisturizing the scalp.
Wash it with: S+ Haircare Longer Hair shampoo increases the strength and durability of hair fibers, reduces hair breakage and makes them more elastic and manageable.
How to recoginze? A normal scalp maintains a healthy balance of oil production. Hair feels fresh and clean, not overly greasy or dry.

S+ Haircare Longer Hair šampoon juuste kasvatamiseks

Find the perfect haircare routine for you

Avoid hot water- Hot water can strip the natural oils from the scalp, so prefer lukewarm water when washing your hair. Don’t forget that hot water opens hair fibers, while cold water closes them. In addition, cold temperatures can make oil-based dirt more difficult to remove.

Use the right hair products- Choose the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair type to maintain a healthy balance in your hair. S+ Haircare products focus on the main hair and scalp problems, thanks to which you will definitely find something suitable for you in our selection.


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