The S+ Haircare website was awarded the finalist title at the Golden Egg competition

The best projects of Estonia’s biggest creativity festival, Golden Egg 2023, have moved to the final stage, and the S+ Haircare website is also part of it!
The final place belongs to the S+ Haircare website in the “Design and craftsmanship/Homepage” category. Considering the demandingness of the Golden Egg jury and the density of the competition screen, we are very proud of our place in the final.
The S+ Haircare website was created in cooperation with the design agency Refleks, whose design solution for the S+ Haircare product packaging was also awarded the final place in the Golden Egg competition in 2022. Agency Reaktiiv stands behind the technical implementation as an unwavering partner.

What makes the S+ Haircare website different?

  • A calm but Nordic elegant design that speaks a similar language to the packaging of the products.
  • Simple and logical structure of the web structure.
  • Ultimate thoroughness about product composition. If you are interested, you can familiarize yourself with the components contained in the products on a micro level, because in addition to the general descriptions of plant extracts and active substances, 100% of all the components contained in the composition are also explained.

How Refleks describes the cooperation:

“as the creator and developer of the new salon+ hair care line, we can say about ourselves – we know what we’re doing. Refleks design agency created a product line and web design solution that is stylish and timeless for this confident attitude.

When developing the design of S+ Haircare, we relied on three important aspects:

  1. long experience in the world of hair care
  2. scientists and nature as important keywords in the development of the product line
  3. style

The result is an aesthetic, distinctive and suitable design for the S+ Haircare product line and the web.

The minimalist bottle with a scientific feel gives an idea of ​​the reliability and purity of the product inside the package. The design of the package label stands out with its calm background, and the color spot of each product is remembered by the consumer and helps to navigate between products. The smell of the product is rich, simple and familiar and matches the packaging design.

A complete web design solution follows a similar line, which is convenient to follow on both computer and mobile screens.


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