Mint shampoo and conditioner- new in Gentle Mint series

🌱 Welcome, refreshing S+ Haircare Gentle Mint shampoo and conditioner 🌱 We’re really happy to share that S+ Haircare product family has been expanded by long-awaited mint products: S+ Haircare Gentle Mint shampoo and conditioner! Now add the freshness and coolness of adding mint to your daily hair care routine!🍃 You can also be sure that the quality of the products is just as good as, you can expect from S+ Haircare!

🌿 Enjoy the mint magic!

Do you like the cooling sensation of mint on your scalp? Gentle Mint Shampoo and Conditioner combine the benefits of mint with nourishing, herbal ingredients to leave your hair feeling revitalized and soothed with every wash. A mixture of peppermint, Indian gooseberry and hop extracts helps to grow strong and vibrant hair.

Main benefits

✨ Piparmõndi shampoo cleans gently: removes dirt, excess oil from hair and scalp, leaves a fresh and light feeling.

✨ Hops soothes irritated scalp, have a gentle deep cleansing, scalp balancing and oil-removing effect

✨ Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients contained in Indian gooseberry or amla promote a healthy scalp, strengthen hair follicles and stimulate healthy new hair growth.

✨Peptide activates hair growth, prevents weakening of the hair follicle, strengthens weakened hair.

✨ The conditioner, enriched with moisturizing ingredients, softens and moisturizes, ensuring a healthy look to the hair.

🍃 The quality of nature, the quality of S+ Haircare

Like all S+ Haircare hair care products, Gentle Mint Mint Shampoo and Conditioner are made with dedication and love. Our products are:

✅ Free of parabens and SLS/SLES sulfates

✅ Free of silicones

✅ Enriched with peptides that stimulate hair growth

✅ Enriched with plant extracts on the principle, everything good for our body is good for our hair

Are you ready to enjoy the freshness and coolness of mint?

👉 Visit our online store to be among the first to enjoy the mint magic of S+ hair care. Your hair will thank you!


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